Thursday, February 25, 2010

Home Sleepy Home

Hello to all from twinsville. Please excuse us for our tardiness in posting. We made it home from the hospital Sunday afternoon grateful for our healthy girls. Bryson was napping when we got home and when he woke up, he came into the living room and once he noticed one of the girls, he looked at us all and put his finger to his mouth to shush us and telling us to be quiet cause the babies were sleeping. How precious is that! He has been eager to help with getting his sisters' pacifiers to them at times and then sometimes I think he wants to put them in the closet so he can get more attention. We are making time for all and although it's a bit tough, we are so blessed and wouldn't change a thing. Stone's reaction was typical of a 13 year old, "man, they are so little". As he held them for the first time, a grin came over his face as to say" I'm your big brother and I'll always protect you". The girls are doing well. Like all newborns, they eat, sleep and poop! Avery is a little more fussier and gassy. They had their first doctor's appointment yesterday and all went well. The objectives as of now for us are to get the girls on the best schedule that will allow mommy more sleep. We don't have all the answers yet, actually not even a few, but we have a bigger Pearce family to do this life with and that's pretty dang cool! Thanks everyone for your prayers. We have had so much support from Hilary's co-workers (go Wolfpack!), our friends, our church family has been amazing in providing meals this week and our family.... We can't even begin to thank you for every moment you have walked along with us up to this point and now the assurance and calm we feel knowing you are just a phone call away. Did you hear that? Yeah that's your phone.... it's us. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeelp!

Left: Gracie           Right: Avery

Friday, February 19, 2010

We've got Girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's official folks!! Hilary and I are are the proud and blessed parents of 2 precious girls.First into this world today and our family was:
Avery Anne Pearce was born at 1:45p.m. She  weighed 6lbs.8oz. and was 19 inches long.

Gracie Jo Pearce was born at 1:48 p.m. She weighed 5lbs.15oz. and measured 19 1/2 inches long.

They are both healthy and simply adorable!!

Guess What?????

They just checked her and she is at 10!!!!! Docs in and we are out. To the O.R we go!!!! YeeeeeeHawwwwww!!!!!


Epidural in da' house!!!! Hilary had been getting increasingly uncomfortable since the doctor broke her water around 9:30am. Contractions were becoming very uncomfortable so she summoned for relief and relief came running. She is @ 5cm and contractions are anywhere form 2-7 minutes apart. She certainly isnt feeling them as much but they are registering pretty intense. We are making progress. We cant wait to see our girls!!!!!!

I'd like an order of sunshine, blue skies, and our precious daughters please....

If you've looked out today, you can see God has delivered the first two items and we are hoping that Avery & Gracie will be coming right up soon. We are at Rex Hospital in the Birthing Center, room # 236. Hilary is currently being hooked up to all the monitors and such as I'm typing. Once the doctor comes in I will update to give you the game plan for today.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Game Plan

Today we had our last office visit before the arrival of our girls. Everything looks great, the girls look healthy and we are so excited and anxious and scared and happy and worried and ultimately ecstatic! We were told that we would get a phone call between 5:00-8:30 a.m. on Friday to go to the hospital. We found out that the Dr. on call for Friday will actually be the same one who delivered Bryson and this Dr. has twin girls-how cool is that?! Please keep our family in prayer. Please pray for the physicians as well as the staff on duty-that they will work skillfully and be lead by God's devine hand.

Friday, February 12, 2010

One week and counting....

Today Hilary had an appointment I wasn't able to make due to work responsibilities to set the date the doctors will induce Hilary. Drum roll please......... and the date will be next Friday, Febuary the 19th. This will be the day our girls will be delivered unless they decide to come on their own before then. Hilary was hoping they would have sympathy on her as she is sooooo uncomfortable and I tell ya, the girl is struggling to do all things such sleeping (dang bed just aint comfortable), eating (poor thing cant hardly get food to her mouth cause of the distance between her and the table), or drive (seat can't go back far enough and even if it could her legs wouldn't make it to the pedals). She has proven to them ( and to me especially, I love you so much babe) how AWESOME she has been and remains to be while carrying our girls. I tell ya, she is an amazing mother before and after birth. She does all the right things in caring for herself and Bryson and putting up with me (the later being most difficult). We are lucky she is ours and the girls are gonna love their mommy to peices once they arrive.Time will tell if the little ladies will cling to the womb til next Friday or maybe tonight, tomorrow who knows how soon......

Monday, February 8, 2010

We're Getting Closer!

We had our appointment today and I can’t believe how close we are! We have another appointment on Friday and that is when they are going to schedule me to be induced if I have not gone into labor before then. Of course, I would rather go into labor on my own but I have no control over that! Baby A, Avery, is head down and very low and baby B, Gracie, is still breech. I am nervous about the doctors delivering a breech baby. They obviously are not nervous about it and know what they are doing so we are going to go with the flow and trust in the Lord that everything will go smoothly. I still can’t believe I have two babies inside me and that I will be giving birth to two baby girls! What a blessing!

36 Weeks

                                                                Waiting for my sisters!