Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Nose Can Play...

....the keyboard!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

GTKM-Get To Know Me

I got this from another twin mommy blog I follow. Here are my GTKM answers!

1.) What is your favorite day of the week and why?
My favorite day is definitely Friday. Bryant works out of town a lot and is home on Fridays. The kids and I definitely miss him when he is gone and he lets mommy sleep in a little to catch up on the well needed rest!

2.) Name one way you hope your child is like you and one way they are different from you? Haha, I have quite a few different ways! First, I hope my children grow up and  live for the Lord. I hope they realize how important it is to get to know the word of God and have faith in Him. As far as ways they are different from me-I hope they are more confident than me, don't worry as much as I do and I hope that they don't make the same huge mistakes I have made in my past.

3.) If you could vacation anywhere where would it be??.
Australia. I have a friend from there whom I have known for years. We started out as pen pals and now we are facebook/email pals! LOL!  Liz came here when we were maybe around 10 years old for a long visit with her Grandma to visit her Aunt and Uncle and we hung out a lot. Then, she left after a long stay and I remember missing her! So, my dream is to one day be able to visit her and vacation in Australia! (me and my hubby of course!)

4.) What was your favorite splurge pre-baby?
Shopping! Shopping for gardening, clothes, things to decorate the house with!

5.) Who is your celebrity crush right now?
My husband! He is my celebrity.

6.) If a babysitter magically showed up at your door and you had 10 minutes to change and get out the  door ... where would you and your significant other go for a fun evening??
For a couples' massage and off to a good dinner!

7.) Do people ever question why you blog?
No, and if they did, I don’t care. They can take it or leave it. I blog because I enjoy it and my family enjoys it. It is my hobby, my get away when I have the time. Oh, and I definitely enjoy reading comments so to my blog followers …thanks for leaving comments! This is also like a journal for my kids to look at one day and enjoy!

8.) What color do you think looks best on YOU!!
Purple-my favorite color! (btw, my other favorite color is yellow-I have two!)

Copy and paste these questions, even if you are not a twin mommy, so I can get to know you better!!

Teething, Virus, Ear Infection???

The last few days have been pretty rough in the Pearce home. Today, has been the worst. It has mainly been Avery who has been very fussy. I have been thinking the past few days that it is just her teeth, but then today she was so bad that I thought maybe I should take her in just in case she has another ear infection. Well, I canceled the appointment. She was screaming/fussing all morning long and after about 1pm, she settled down and I put her in the jump-a-roo and was happy as could be. I guess the Motrin I gave her finally kicked in. Could be more teeth popping through. I don't know.

Well, Bryson is feeling under the weather. He is clinging onto me, which I love, and wants me to be near him and is moaning. He is not eating, drinking just a little. Just not our normal Bryson. He is running a low grade fever. Maybe a bug? Who knows.

I decided to check Gracie's temperature, which is 100. I think that is pretty high for a seven month old. Really, I am not to concerned about Gracie because she is her normal perky self. She stayed in the jump-a-roo for almost two hours this morning jumping away. Could be teething I guess!

Being a mom during times like this is difficult. You want your child to be happy and want what is best for them. I have been back an forth deciding whether or not to take Avery to the Dr. The good thing out of all this is Bryson is being such a mommy's boy, wanting to cuddle and be right beside me. Nothing wrong with that. As long as all our kids get well soon!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Seven Months Old

Today, the twins turned seven months old. In just seven months, it is so amazing what they have already learned, what they can do, and how fast they have grown! The girls love being in their exersaucer as well as their jumperoo. They like playing on the floor with their toys and are very close to sitting up on their own. We thought Gracie would be the first crawler, but now it looks like it will be Avery. Both are gearing up for it! I am not too concerned about the crawling, it is the walking that scares me! They interact with each other more, especially when they are in their exersaucer. They baby talk back and forth....too cute! Gracie likes to squeal (very loudly) and she is actually pretty good at babbling and Avery babbles some and makes her cute little noises. She can squeal too, but Gracie has a set of lungs on her! Avery is now taller than Gracie. Gracie is catching up with Avery's weight. The girls are eating their solids very well. They both like everything except Gracie does not like green beans too much. They are FINALLY sleeping through the night. Now, they still wake up early, like around 5:30-6:00 early! Bryant has been home the past couple weeks, which has been nice. He wakes up early anyway, so he helps with them when they wake up so I can sleep in another hour! It is amazing how tired I get even though I am sleeping through the night. The kids are wearing me you see why walking frightens me?!

I am so thankful to be able to stay home with the kids now. I notice everything about the girls that I did not notice when working while Bryson was a baby. Avery now has two teeth! Both of them nearly popped out about around the same time. No wonder she was so fussy.

Bryson is being a wonderful big brother. He loves to play with Gracie's fuzzy hair. He loves holding them and loves playing on the floor with them. He will let me know, "Baby's crying". He loves his twin sisters!

I love scrolling through twin mommy blogs and it is just amazes how many I notice have had premature twins. I did not even have to have a C-Section and Gracie was a breech baby.  They were born perfectly healthy!Oh yeah, and the Epidural that should be so totally awesome-it did not work too very well on me this time! Luckily, the labor was fast. We are so thankful and blessed that our girls were not premature and not only that, but they are so healthy!  God is so good to us. Some days are rough, but I remind myself how blessed we are to have beautiful healthy children and a hardworking husband who loves us all dearly!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Cracker Barrel

Aunt Patty came to town last week. They are having a girls weekend at Myrtle Beach and she came by to see the kids before leaving for the beach. Cracker Barrel is a great place when you have a lot of kids!

Sweet Avery

Miss priss already posing for the camera

Let's see how much of this piece of bread I can fit in my mouth!

Grandma and me

Yep, Bryson eats ketchup with a spoon!

This is the best I can do with all three kids!

Not sure what he is showing us here!

Aunt Patty playing with Gracie

We love those dimples!

Just chilin'

What a coincidence, the waitress we had has three boys and two are twins. All are in college. Very nice lady. She did not hesitate to let me know that it does not get easier. Thanks for informing me!

Friday, September 17, 2010

To The Park Again!!

Bryson did not have preschool today, so we went to the park again with Wendy and her little ones. We went early now that it is a little cooler in the mornings. Just took a few pictures of the girls early this morning before heading out...

They are so cute playing together!

It is great because Wendy has Damion who is Bryson's age and Isabella who is about the twins' age. Great playmates! The boys were all over the place...

So cute, holding hands!!!

Love that those little toes!

The girls loved swinging...

Isabella, we call her Bella,  the twins' play date. Isn't she just precious!

High Chairs

The twins are sitting up in their highchair to eat now instead of the bouncy seat or the car seat! I think they like it...

They just don't like taking turns to eat! 

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pictures of our Sweet Ones....

Just want to post some pictures of our sweet kids. I have been wanting to get Stone in some, but the kid is always on his computer! Maybe next weekend! So, for now, here are some of the twins and a couple of Bryson. Boys just don't like the camera. They run away from it! At least mine does.

Just playing....

Gracie Jo
Avery Anne

Avery & Daddy

Avery-such a cute little smile!

Gracie with lots of laughter!

Bryson David-Sweet Boy

Bryson playing with his girls-He loves them!

...and can't ya tell, the girls just love watching him! :o)


Gracie holding her bottle. Avery can hold hers too now. They are getting better!

Hard to see, but Avery's two teeth popping on through!

Our future piano players!

Bryson's New Class

So, Bryson is in the two year old classroom, which is perfectly fine. There is even another three year old girl in there so that made me feel better. He walked right in and found the empty chair and sat down with the group. Sounds like he had a good day, he got to play more and use up more of that stored energy he has by running around with the other kids for a while in the fellowship hall. His new teacher is so nice. She mentioned that she was concerned because he was itching a lot around his neck. Yeah, it is Eczema! That stuff stinks! I had it growing up and still do. Poor Bryson comes to me all the time..."itches, itches", and wants me to kiss it and blow it to make it feel better. It flares up when he sweats. Anyway, she was also concerned because his face got so red and he looked like he got too hot running around so wanted him to go sit in the office with Miss. Sherry, which Miss. Sherry had to explain to him that he is NOT in trouble! I told her I would bring him water next time because when he gets hot like that, he drinks lots of water! So, we feel good about the class he is in and most of all...I want him to feel good about it and I think he does. Oh yeah, and the thing that gets me is they eat at 11 am! He normally eats at 12 or 12:30 here and had lunch at 12 in the three year old room. Major change. Hmmmm, we are going to have to make some adjustments to his eating schedule! He did not touch half his food because he wasn't hungry. I guess maybe a lighter breakfast!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bryson's Day at Preschool

Bryson looked so happy jumping around in the classroom and playing with the other kids when I went to pick him up today. He is such a sweet little outgoing boy. I noticed this morning as we were waiting for the doors to open, he was just going in circles to all the kids standing around talking to them and just having a good time being himself.  Our boy loves to interact and play with other kids. He has never met a stranger and such a friendly little boy.

So, his teacher told me the director wants to speak with me. She said Bryson was hitting again...but this time he hit a child in the face. I could not say anything. Why is my son acting out like this? I am teaching him no hitting, trying to do all the right things. I have been praying so hard for guidance with his discipline. So, I went to see the Director and she spoke with me about how she has been observing Bryson and his behavior since his first day after his lunch box incident and knew he has just turned three. She was very nice about everything and totally understands the behavior. Bryson is a young three year old and we have an option of moving him into one of the two year old rooms, which is normal for many "younger" three year olds. Luckily, there is an opening. She said she had been praying about it and what to do. Fortunately, a mom called and is taking her child out. I spoke with Bryant and we are going to go that route. That way, he can have more play time and not so much structure. The director mentioned she has been observing him in the classroom and he does not want to have that actual structure, he wants to play and run around during circle time. He does not want to participate most of the time. He does not want to sit during bible verse lessons in the chapel (which, believe it or 15 minutes! I would think that is hard for any three year old to do). Hopefully, he will enjoy it more going to the two year old room. The bible story verses in the chapel are only five minutes for the two year olds versus fifteen for the three year olds. Then, after that, they dance and sing songs. The director also mentioned how when she tries to speak to him that he does not look and is unable to focus. She said he does not answer back the way a three year old should. It really does concern me. Her statement was that he is a three year old, but still has the vitality of a late two year old which is common in three year olds his age. It did get to me a little, but I am trying to focus on him and his temperament/anger, hitting and so on and praying for guidance on how to handle this. She told me she does not think that he intentionally means to hit, that he gets frustrated because Bryson really is a sweet little boy. And, he truly is. We just need to work with him. It is hard for me as a mom to take all this in. Especially, knowing that our boy is so friendly and sweet and he does not mean it. I guess it is just the two year old still in him.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

What in the World??!!!

We will never understand the things little boys do....

I walked into his room to make sure he was asleep and I had left the undies in his bed when I changed him into his pull up before nap and this is what the boy did! Our little boy cracks me up! I was actually tired and was going to check on them and lay down, but now I am just laughing and giggling over this little boy of ours! I wonder what is next.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Girls' Night Out

Had a girls' night out Thursday evening while Bryant watched the kids. It was lots of fun, catching up and well needed laughter!

Wrestling Match...


We have been hitting the parks lately! I have been wanting to post each day about our park adventure, but I get so tied up with taking care of the kids. Thank God I have Wendy, Bryson's previous childcare provider, to help me when we go. Otherwise, I don't think I could do it! It is hard enough taking care of the kids with both of us! On Labor Day, I took Jessica and Bryson swimming while Wendy watched the girls at home. It was fun, but Bryson did not stay in the water too long. It was cold! So, we chilled' out in the lounge chairs...

Then, we all took off to White Deer Park. We went to the playground  I call more "modern" first....

Then we went to the Nature playground. We did not stay long as we were all getting pretty exhausted!

I edited some of the photos of the twins to black and white. They look so good both ways. I am no photographer or anything but I do love taking pictures of my kids!

Today, my friend Annia, and her little boy Michael, met us at the house and we headed to the park. We met Wendy and a couple of the kids she keeps and had lots of fun on such a beautiful day!

They played in the sandbox a while...

While Isabella insisted on going for Gracie "fuzzy hair"....

Too Funny!!

Then, we went for a walk to the pond...

Wendy bought some bread for the fish and the turtles and Damion was pretty good at throwing the pieces into the pond for the turtles and fish...

But, Bryson insisted on eating the bread instead...

...seriously, he would eat every piece we handed to him and he already had a morning snack! One time, he took a piece and tore a tiny piece off to throw int he water and ate the big piece!

Little boys love trees...

Pretty blue eyes! I tried to revert this photo back to color after playing with it but could not do it. Still, good picture!

This next picture I love!

The kids had a blast and were pretty worn out by the end of the day!