Friday, September 24, 2010

Teething, Virus, Ear Infection???

The last few days have been pretty rough in the Pearce home. Today, has been the worst. It has mainly been Avery who has been very fussy. I have been thinking the past few days that it is just her teeth, but then today she was so bad that I thought maybe I should take her in just in case she has another ear infection. Well, I canceled the appointment. She was screaming/fussing all morning long and after about 1pm, she settled down and I put her in the jump-a-roo and was happy as could be. I guess the Motrin I gave her finally kicked in. Could be more teeth popping through. I don't know.

Well, Bryson is feeling under the weather. He is clinging onto me, which I love, and wants me to be near him and is moaning. He is not eating, drinking just a little. Just not our normal Bryson. He is running a low grade fever. Maybe a bug? Who knows.

I decided to check Gracie's temperature, which is 100. I think that is pretty high for a seven month old. Really, I am not to concerned about Gracie because she is her normal perky self. She stayed in the jump-a-roo for almost two hours this morning jumping away. Could be teething I guess!

Being a mom during times like this is difficult. You want your child to be happy and want what is best for them. I have been back an forth deciding whether or not to take Avery to the Dr. The good thing out of all this is Bryson is being such a mommy's boy, wanting to cuddle and be right beside me. Nothing wrong with that. As long as all our kids get well soon!

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