Sunday, April 10, 2011

Our Sweet Kiddos

Cute little boy!

I want fall mommy!
This is double trouble!

Taking a walk
Sissy, can you hear me?? 
Yes, I can hear you!
...Now I can't, haha!

Anyone in there?

Avery thinks so!

This book is making me sleepy!
The End!

Around The Pearce Home

So much has been going on around here lately. You can probably tell from my lack of blogging!

Everyone is doing well. The girls finally had their 1 year shots after being sick with a virus and then having ear infections. The appointment was very long for just shots and an ear check up. They were so unhappy. I have never seen either of them so upset trying to catch their breath. I do believe it makes it harder having both the girls in the room at the same time seeing each other get upset and have shots, ears checked, and so on. Gracie has finally started walking now. Oh, she takes off so much faster than Avery and then she flops on her buttocks! We knew she would be fast since she is a fast crawler. It is adorable! Avery is a climber and not afraid of anything. She is a feisty little one!  Yesterday, I sat Gracie in the rocking horse and now she rocks away. She loves it! I have captured so many videos of them. I need to get one uploaded on here!

Bryson has been doing good. He is such a good, sweet little boy. He came to Bryant this morning when he woke up and said, "Give me a BIG hug"!! What a charmer! He has definitely had many of his "moments" since we found out a little of what is going on. It gets very difficult. Sometimes, I am not sure what to do. I am just anxiously waiting for his therapy to start, as well as find out if anything else is going on with him from the physiologist. His first OT and Speech appointment will be back to back on the 27th.

Our lives have been filled with so many appointments, including Avery's PT appointments, my photography, Bryant's busy job working full time now with lots of overtime and so much more. Please pray for us and Bryson as we go through the therapy with him and deal with the changes we will be making in our home for him as well as finding out what else may be going on! God is so good to us and thankfully, we have access to therapy to help him get through this!