Thursday, September 2, 2010

Twins' Six Month Check Up Chaos

What a chaotic morning! The girls had their six month check up today. I told mom not to worry with helping and felt overly confident that I could do this on my own. Well, I did do it on my own and it turned out to be a very overwhelming experience taking a three year old toddler and the twins to the office doctors' office. They have a train table in the waiting room. Now, that is a mom's worse nightmare when you have a three year old, who absolutely loves trains, who is in the process of learning how to share and will pitch a fit when another boy gets near the trains he is playing with. Then, he had a total meltdown when the girls' names were called to go into the doctor's office. So, I had to grab him and, thankfully, the nurse helped push the double stroller for me that can barely make it through the doorways.  As we are walking down the hallway, a one minute walk that felt like a five minute walk, all I could hear was Bryson screaming and all I could vision were nurses and doctors watching as if I was not humiliated enough!

Once we got the girls into the office, Bryson insisted on trying to get out. I guess he thought he was getting the shots today. I should have known huh?! I could not get him to settle down and I was ready to get this over with, so told the nurse to go ahead with the list of questions as he was still having his meltdown, which hopefully, they are probably used to hearing. He finally settled down when I gave him a snack and his view master toy with new slides. After being there almost two hours because the Dr. had a PA who was training and had to repeat everything after her, the girls finally got their shots and we were finally ready to check out.  It was like a sigh of relief until  I thought to myself..."oh, we will be passing by that darn train table on the way out". But, not until Bryson was following me down the hall running to catch up with me, tripped, fell and hit his head on the metal trashcan right at the checkout counter! By then, I was overly humiliated. All I could do was pick Bryson up kiss his head, and all I could think of to do was to look up at the ladies and say, "I'm sorry..."!  OUT the door we FLEW and through the waiting area pass the train table we FLEW, Bryson screaming, "I want the trains, I want the trains!".  At last, we arrived to the car and into the car seats. Whew, that was one stressful doctor's appointment. I got a laugh out of the whole thing when I got Bryson into the car seat, looked at him and  noticed he had torn the big sticker I gave him in half and each half was stuck on each side of his cheek. The boy is a hand full of joy! He is one wild three year old but he does make us laugh!

On the other hand, Avery's Torticollis has much improved and the Dr. said no need for anymore physical therapy as long as I still work with her massages and stretches on my own. It was such great news for me to hear! Thanks our dear friends and family for all the prayers when we were getting a little concerned!


  1. I think you have figured out the most important skill a mom can have -- a good sense of humor!

  2. Hey, you either laugh or cry and I choose to laugh it off!

  3. Thanks for sharing what has to be one of your more chaotic tales of a Mom with twins PLUS a 3 year old!! Thank goodness our memories are short and love and laughter usually trumps taking life too seriously. Hang in there!

  4. You are so amazing, Hil. I can't even begin to tell you how proud I am of you. You are so right - you either laugh or cry so always choose to laugh!! Don't be embarrassed - all moms have been through the meltdowns with their kids (or will soon enough). Love you!