Friday, September 10, 2010

First Week of Preschool

Just want to give an update. Bryson really enjoys preschool now! He participates in the artwork and I love it when I can hang his artwork on the fridge! Thursday was red day. He wore his NC State T-shirt! They painted red, and learned about all the things that are the color red. His teacher sent everyone home with a tote bag which has the kids' red hand prints and their names on them. So cute! Inside was the plan for the upcoming month as well as a coloring page with things that he can color red here at home.

His teacher mentioned to me that he is a great eater. Ha, we all know that! That was right before this funny story-all the toddlers do artwork everyday. They lay the artwork outside the door against the wall to dry. Well, when we were walking out the door of the classroom, there was some artwork with letters made out of fruit loops. You can only imagine what Bryson did. He pulled one off and ate it! He cracks me up! He was going for seconds and I had to grab him. The teacher was like oh no..I am just giggling and like it is OK...just a little glue!


  1. In other words, if it's not nailed down, he will eat it!!!


  2. Actually, now that I think about it -- smart kid. Food is for eating -- not artwork!!!