Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bryson's New Class

So, Bryson is in the two year old classroom, which is perfectly fine. There is even another three year old girl in there so that made me feel better. He walked right in and found the empty chair and sat down with the group. Sounds like he had a good day, he got to play more and use up more of that stored energy he has by running around with the other kids for a while in the fellowship hall. His new teacher is so nice. She mentioned that she was concerned because he was itching a lot around his neck. Yeah, it is Eczema! That stuff stinks! I had it growing up and still do. Poor Bryson comes to me all the time..."itches, itches", and wants me to kiss it and blow it to make it feel better. It flares up when he sweats. Anyway, she was also concerned because his face got so red and he looked like he got too hot running around so wanted him to go sit in the office with Miss. Sherry, which Miss. Sherry had to explain to him that he is NOT in trouble! I told her I would bring him water next time because when he gets hot like that, he drinks lots of water! So, we feel good about the class he is in and most of all...I want him to feel good about it and I think he does. Oh yeah, and the thing that gets me is they eat at 11 am! He normally eats at 12 or 12:30 here and had lunch at 12 in the three year old room. Major change. Hmmmm, we are going to have to make some adjustments to his eating schedule! He did not touch half his food because he wasn't hungry. I guess maybe a lighter breakfast!

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