Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pictures of our Sweet Ones....

Just want to post some pictures of our sweet kids. I have been wanting to get Stone in some, but the kid is always on his computer! Maybe next weekend! So, for now, here are some of the twins and a couple of Bryson. Boys just don't like the camera. They run away from it! At least mine does.

Just playing....

Gracie Jo
Avery Anne

Avery & Daddy

Avery-such a cute little smile!

Gracie with lots of laughter!

Bryson David-Sweet Boy

Bryson playing with his girls-He loves them!

...and can't ya tell, the girls just love watching him! :o)


Gracie holding her bottle. Avery can hold hers too now. They are getting better!

Hard to see, but Avery's two teeth popping on through!

Our future piano players!

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