Saturday, September 18, 2010

Cracker Barrel

Aunt Patty came to town last week. They are having a girls weekend at Myrtle Beach and she came by to see the kids before leaving for the beach. Cracker Barrel is a great place when you have a lot of kids!

Sweet Avery

Miss priss already posing for the camera

Let's see how much of this piece of bread I can fit in my mouth!

Grandma and me

Yep, Bryson eats ketchup with a spoon!

This is the best I can do with all three kids!

Not sure what he is showing us here!

Aunt Patty playing with Gracie

We love those dimples!

Just chilin'

What a coincidence, the waitress we had has three boys and two are twins. All are in college. Very nice lady. She did not hesitate to let me know that it does not get easier. Thanks for informing me!

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