Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bryson's Day at Preschool

Bryson looked so happy jumping around in the classroom and playing with the other kids when I went to pick him up today. He is such a sweet little outgoing boy. I noticed this morning as we were waiting for the doors to open, he was just going in circles to all the kids standing around talking to them and just having a good time being himself.  Our boy loves to interact and play with other kids. He has never met a stranger and such a friendly little boy.

So, his teacher told me the director wants to speak with me. She said Bryson was hitting again...but this time he hit a child in the face. I could not say anything. Why is my son acting out like this? I am teaching him no hitting, trying to do all the right things. I have been praying so hard for guidance with his discipline. So, I went to see the Director and she spoke with me about how she has been observing Bryson and his behavior since his first day after his lunch box incident and knew he has just turned three. She was very nice about everything and totally understands the behavior. Bryson is a young three year old and we have an option of moving him into one of the two year old rooms, which is normal for many "younger" three year olds. Luckily, there is an opening. She said she had been praying about it and what to do. Fortunately, a mom called and is taking her child out. I spoke with Bryant and we are going to go that route. That way, he can have more play time and not so much structure. The director mentioned she has been observing him in the classroom and he does not want to have that actual structure, he wants to play and run around during circle time. He does not want to participate most of the time. He does not want to sit during bible verse lessons in the chapel (which, believe it or not...is 15 minutes! I would think that is hard for any three year old to do). Hopefully, he will enjoy it more going to the two year old room. The bible story verses in the chapel are only five minutes for the two year olds versus fifteen for the three year olds. Then, after that, they dance and sing songs. The director also mentioned how when she tries to speak to him that he does not look and is unable to focus. She said he does not answer back the way a three year old should. It really does concern me. Her statement was that he is a three year old, but still has the vitality of a late two year old which is common in three year olds his age. It did get to me a little, but I am trying to focus on him and his temperament/anger, hitting and so on and praying for guidance on how to handle this. She told me she does not think that he intentionally means to hit, that he gets frustrated because Bryson really is a sweet little boy. And, he truly is. We just need to work with him. It is hard for me as a mom to take all this in. Especially, knowing that our boy is so friendly and sweet and he does not mean it. I guess it is just the two year old still in him.

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  1. Just keep praying about it, Hil. Bryson is such a sweet, loving boy. He will be fine. Maybe the change is best for him. Love you!