Sunday, September 19, 2010

Seven Months Old

Today, the twins turned seven months old. In just seven months, it is so amazing what they have already learned, what they can do, and how fast they have grown! The girls love being in their exersaucer as well as their jumperoo. They like playing on the floor with their toys and are very close to sitting up on their own. We thought Gracie would be the first crawler, but now it looks like it will be Avery. Both are gearing up for it! I am not too concerned about the crawling, it is the walking that scares me! They interact with each other more, especially when they are in their exersaucer. They baby talk back and forth....too cute! Gracie likes to squeal (very loudly) and she is actually pretty good at babbling and Avery babbles some and makes her cute little noises. She can squeal too, but Gracie has a set of lungs on her! Avery is now taller than Gracie. Gracie is catching up with Avery's weight. The girls are eating their solids very well. They both like everything except Gracie does not like green beans too much. They are FINALLY sleeping through the night. Now, they still wake up early, like around 5:30-6:00 early! Bryant has been home the past couple weeks, which has been nice. He wakes up early anyway, so he helps with them when they wake up so I can sleep in another hour! It is amazing how tired I get even though I am sleeping through the night. The kids are wearing me you see why walking frightens me?!

I am so thankful to be able to stay home with the kids now. I notice everything about the girls that I did not notice when working while Bryson was a baby. Avery now has two teeth! Both of them nearly popped out about around the same time. No wonder she was so fussy.

Bryson is being a wonderful big brother. He loves to play with Gracie's fuzzy hair. He loves holding them and loves playing on the floor with them. He will let me know, "Baby's crying". He loves his twin sisters!

I love scrolling through twin mommy blogs and it is just amazes how many I notice have had premature twins. I did not even have to have a C-Section and Gracie was a breech baby.  They were born perfectly healthy!Oh yeah, and the Epidural that should be so totally awesome-it did not work too very well on me this time! Luckily, the labor was fast. We are so thankful and blessed that our girls were not premature and not only that, but they are so healthy!  God is so good to us. Some days are rough, but I remind myself how blessed we are to have beautiful healthy children and a hardworking husband who loves us all dearly!

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  1. OMG... this is such a beautiful picture... just precious...