Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bryson's 1st Day of Preschool

Bryson's had his first day of preschool today. So, everything went well and he was so ready to walk in with the other kids, until he had to put his lunch box (his new Toy Story lunch box!) inside the big bucket outside the classroom door. He wanted to hang onto it. He was so upset! REALLY upset. Finally, I just left him with the teacher after feeling totally embarrassed that my son was crying and screaming with all these other parents in the room and all the other kdis were ok! Ugh..crazy crazy crazy!  When I picked him up, his teacher told me he did fine. He was fussy a little and did not want to join in on the painting. She said that was OK and she let him look at some books. I guess it will take him time to get used to this, plus he was probably still upset over the lunch box! She said he did play well when they went outside. I wanted to get a picture of him going into the classroom his first day. Obviously, that didn't happen! I did manage to get some of him with the other kids standing by the door waiting for them to let us in.

He really did not want to let go of his NEW lunch box!

The kids loved watching the firetruck across the street warming up by turning the lights on...

Gracie and Avery just simply enjoyed watching the older kids and being admired.....

Needless to say, Bryson was glad to see me when I picked him up. He was already standing out in the hallway waiting for me!

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