Wednesday, January 27, 2010

3 days and counting....

Hilary and I are expecting twin girls and after some strong contractions on Monday, we have set up camp at the Rex Birthing Center to see if the little ladies are ready to experience life on the outside. Our due date is March 11th and we are in our 34th week. The doctors actually had to prevent her from going into full blown labor with IV meds for the past 2 days so they could administer drugs that ensure lung development is sufficient for breathing out of the womb. From this point forward there is no turning back once they begin so the big question is how long will it be? Whats your guess? I feel a little contest coming on it, start replying with your guess of date and lets even to the minute so we can have definitive winner in more than one person guesses the same date. To the winner, a gift bag of the most amazing handmade soaps made by the areas premier local soap maker. These soaps are created with all natural oils, scents and herbs.With one use, you will see, smell and feel the difference between it and the other stuff. Whatcha waitin for....TELL ME THE DATE, I WANNA KNOW!


  1. I'm gonna guess Friday, Jan 29 at 8:29am. Excited and praying!!


  2. I'm going with the next Full Moon --which is Saturday, January 30th. Since Dad was an early bird, I'll go with 12:42 A.M. Can't wait for those two little angels!!!! xoxo Grandma

  3. JP says Friday, Jan 29 at 5:45PM. I think next week, Thursday Feb 4 at 4:30PM

  4. Well, so much for the "full moon" theory!
    So glad the girls decided to play it safe and wait for better weather. Hope big brothers Stone and Bryson enjoy the snow!!