Friday, February 18, 2011

Bryson's Evaluation

Today was the day of Bryson's first evaluation. We thought he was going to get a full evaluation today. Evidently, it was kind of like a "pre-evaluation" where they decide if we need to move forward.  They tested his root skills such as numbers, colors, shapes, speech and motor skills. Unfortunately, we did not get to the end because he became so frustrated. From their perspective, Bryson has a hard time processing things, gets frustrated very easily, especially with communication. Bryson is being referred for a full evaluation with the preschool program and in the meantime, because we want to get the ball rolling and get the help he needs now, we have him scheduled for an appointment at his pediatrician's office to see if they will refer him to a Neurologist, TEACCH and a Pediatric Psychologist.

We are really not that concerned about this because we know the help is there. We always remember that it could be worse. This is just something little, something fixable, which we want to get to the bottom line and find out what really is going on so we can get him the help he needs, especially before kindergarten! We are slowly making progress!

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