Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Unsuccessful Audiology Appointment

Bryson's audiology appointment was pretty unsuccessful yesterday. In other words, they pretty much did not get any testing done. He would not cooperate. We have another appointment in three months. They are giving us time to get his developmental evaluation done first. Plus, during the develomental evaluation, they also do a hearing screening as well.

On a different note, we decided to pull Bryson out of preschool for the time being. It was a hard decision, but pretty much a negative experience for him as he was sitting in time out so much. I would hate for that to effect his self esteem. We will probably enroll him in a different preschool, possibly our church preschool, soon. For right now, we are waiting to find out how we can deal with all this and if there is anything going on. We are going to let him take a trial class at The Little Gym to see how he likes that (and get some energy out of him!), and then enroll him there if he seems to like it. Something different!

I always remind myself that this could be worse. Thank God he is healthy. Thank God that whatever this is, may it be a little anger issue, minor autism, a hearing loss, some speech delay, that we can get through it with him and help him. We can fix it. The hardest part as a mom, is waiting patiently. I thank God for the patience I do have and ask Him to bless me with extra!

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  1. I'll Keep praying for you girl. Hopefully you will find out more during the Eval.
    Love ya!!