Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Homemade Haircut

I sent Bryson off with Bryant to get his hair cut over the weekend. Well, like most toddler boys, he absolutely hates getting his haircut. Taking Bryson in for a hair cut is like torture to us all. Well, not even 15 minutes later I hear Bryson coming through the door crying. It so happened that as soon as Bryant pulled into the parking lot and got Bryson out of the car, Bryson knew where he was and started crying. Then, Bryant took him inside and did not even get him into the chair before he turned around carried him right back out to the car and took him home. So...we decided to be brave and buy clippers and try this on our own! I wanted Bryant to help me do this before he left to go out of town this week but they called him and he had to leave pretty quickly. So, mom decided to be brave enough to help me! She helped me hold his head while I used the clippers on him and for a first time haircut using clippers on a hysterical almost three year old toddler...I give myself an A+!! Well, mom too because she had to help me hold his head and listen to him about burst her eardrums while screaming. Doesn't look too bad huh?! He was acting pretty silly after it was all over with...