Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Seven Weeks of Living and Loving

The past 7 weeks have been pretty rough with the girls and Bryson. We knew this would be a challenge, but we did not imagine it being this hard! Sleep has been the major issue. Things are slowly getting easier. The girls are finally getting a little better at sleeping during the night, slowly but surely! We are able to enjoy the twins more without being so sleep deprived. Bryson is adjusting more and more every day. He sure does love his baby sisters. He wants to help all he can and he does not like to see them cry. When they are crying, Bryson will cover them up with the blanket or try giving them their pacifier and it just melts our hearts how sweet he can be! Bryson loves giving them kisses and playing with their feet. We just love taking pictures and we take a ton of them...

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