Saturday, May 15, 2010

Back to Work

The girls are now three months old. It is just amazing how fast they grow. My maternity leave has ended. I am going back to work on Monday. Bryant will be heading to South Carolina Monday for the week. It will be a challenge getting back in the swing of work with the twins and Bryson. I will be dropping Bryson off at daycare and then the twins off at mom's house in the mornings. Then, off to work...where life will be easier. Of course, I will miss my little ones! Then, I will be picking up the kids in the afternoons getting home just in time to heat up a quick dinner, feed the girls, bathe the kids and then, hopefully, have a good nights rest! Please pray for us as next week is almost here and the adjustment will be a challenge. Please pray for me to be patient and for the transition to be smooth. Also, please pray that the girls will let me get more rest so I can concentrate while I am at work! Thanks to friends and family who have been such a wonderful support while I have been on maternity leave. Love you all!!

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