Sunday, May 23, 2010

First Week Back

Well, somehow I made it through a tough week back at work. With Bryant out of town, it was pretty rough during the mornings and at night. There were a couple nights that I hardly had any sleep at all and I somehow got myself up and said a little prayer asking God to get me through this day and He did. So, we just take this one day at a time. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?!  We are so blessed to have two beautiful healthy baby girls and God has blessed us with Gracie and Avery for a reason. 

The girls are growing more and more every day. They both have their own cute little personalities. Both have such adorable smiles. Gracie is beginning to fill out and look more like Avery in the face. They are definetely polar opposites so far as we can tell. Gracie, she is so determined. Avery is pretty impatient. Gracie is pretty independent and Avery needs more attention. We just love their little personalities starting to show!
On another note, Bryson is totally going through his terrible two's. I never thought anything of the terrible twos. I thought it was just temper tantrums here and there, but oh is really TERRIBLE TWOS!! I can't wait until this stage passes!! He is good at being a very sweet big brother...

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