Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Second Torticollis Therapy Session

Avery had her second therapy session today for her Torticollis.(Right Sternomastoid Torticollis) We took Gracie to the appointment with us as well and they both had some fun kicking and doing some tummy time on the play mat just starring at one another. They have lots of toys in the room and a big mirror to look at themselves, so it was fun for them! Avery is a champ, she does not cry one bit during her stretches. When we try to do them here at home; that is a different story. It is hard getting used to what we have to do with her. We were given a lot of stretching exercises for her. She is getting better at holding her head up and turning it toward the right during tummy time; so we are seeing some improvement! Just finding the time to work with her when there is another baby in the house, a toddler running around and Bryant out of town is pretty difficult. We have four more sessions and hopefully Avery will be fixed!!

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