Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Beach Trip

We took the whole crew to the beach this Memorial Day weekend. And, let me tell ya, the van was PACKED. I think we are going to need something bigger soon! We totally needed to get out of town. The girls did very well considering it was a different place to sleep at. Bryson got some Mommy and Daddy time and we took him to the beach while my wonderful mom watched the babies. He was so cute...we told him we were taking him to the beach and he said "the beach...PIRATES!!" So, we met up with GranGran and Papa Johnny and big Bubba and went out to the beach and played in the sand and the ocean. Bryson could not figure out why his feet where disappearing into the sand. We have some funny pictures. He is quite a character. Bryant and I had a wonderful date early Sunday evening while GranGran watched the kids! We went to Beaufort and just walked around, took pictures and dreamed of the big yachts...we don't get time alone very often anymore so it is very exciting to have a date with my hubby! So, here are LOTS of pictures!!


  1. What a beautiful family!! I will be following your blog...

  2. Hey girl! I was able to post a comment successfully lol! Wow, the children are beautiful and growing up way too fast. I miss you and them so much. Auntie Laura & Uncle Brandon can't wait to see ya'll on the 19th. Love you!