Friday, June 11, 2010

Sixteen Weeks Old

Our girls turned 16 weeks old today. It seems like just yesterday when we brought them home from the hospital. At the same time, this been the hardest job imaginable. Thank you Jesus for getting us this far. Now, we just pray to God that He will guide us through the next days and years to come. He has given us such a blessing!

Gracie Jo and Avery Anne are just growing more adorable each day. They are a handful and at the same time we cherish every moment that we have with them. We are still working on Avery with her physical therapy for her Torticollis. The PT said we need to stretch her more, which she hates, because her right sternomastoid muscle is still so tight. This makes it difficult for us because we can hardly find the time to do this. But, we are trying and a little bit is better than nothing. Please pray that this will heal soon!

Both girls are just bringing out their cute little personalities more and more every day. Oh, they are so different! Gracie is going to be our little mischievous one! She has that look! She is so determined and pretty independent. She wants her way. She is very alert and only takes cat naps. She is also so full of smiles...smiles that just make you wonder what she is thinking about and make us just laugh. Avery, on the other hand, is very active. She loves to kick her feet and move her arms to try to reach for things. Avery notices Gracie more. She loves watching Gracie. Avery loves tummy time and Gracie is starting to adjust to it more. Avery is more dependent than Gracie, She does not take her eyes off me if I am around! Avery is definitely more patient than Gracie. Avery has a smile that just melts your heart! We just love both of their personalities!

The girls are still waking up at night at least every three hours. If I am lucky, they go four! I have lost a lot of sleep over the past sixteen weeks and I am pretty sleep deprived. After you have had even just one baby, you realize how much you love sleep! Being a mom to my kids is so much a challenge, but at the is so rewarding.

We are amazed at some of the stuff the girls are already doing. Gracie is trying so hard to sit up. She will try her best to lean forward when she is in her bouncer. She just wants to see everything! They both can roll over from their tummy to their back and they can just about roll over from their back to their tummy.

Bryant has been out of town a lot working very hard to support this family. I am so grateful to have such a wonderful husband who will go out of his way to support this family. This has been hard on us all. He has been gone since Monday and, unexpectantly, has to stay over the weekend. We now have a web cam so we can keep in touch and it makes things a little easier and Bryson just loves seeing Daddy every night. It makes a difference! We miss you Daddy and we love you!!


  1. Angel Smiles and one happy little boy!
    Hats off to Mommy and Daddy on being such great parents!