Monday, June 21, 2010

Bryson is Three!

Today, Bryson turns three. Wow, time is just flying by. I look at his baby pictures and it seems like just yesterday I was holding him and feeding him bottles. Bryson, you are such a sweet little boy. You love your sisters dearly already. You don't like to see them cry and if they cry, you find something like a pacifier, a bottle or even a burp cloth to wipe their face! You love to make them smile. You also like to make mommy and daddy smile and you are quite a character. You love to sing and the song you like to sing the most is the Thomas Train song and you sing it so much it gets stuck in our heads when we go to bed! Any man with grey hair you call papa. You have never met a stranger. Just like your daddy, you are such a people person!

For Bryson's third birthday, we had a birthday party at the new McDonalds in Garner. Cool place! All the kids had a good time and let me tell ya, it was very loud! Bryson kept blowing the candles out before we sang the birthday song, so finally Daddy had to shield his mouth so we could light the candles again and sing to him!

Happy Birthday Bryson!!

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