Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Another Day

Being a stay at home has been quite an adjustment. I love it and I love being with my kids. This is where my heart belongs. Some days are just so long. Life with a three year old toddler and five month old twins makes it pretty difficult to do much. So, this morning I decided to let Bryson play in the kiddie pool again while the girls were napping. He did not stay in there long, but he enjoyed getting out. I owe it to him to spend some time with him everyday doing something. Even if it is getting him out of the house and going for stroll with the girls. Thankfully, I have the kids on a pretty set schedule for nap time. When we came inside from swimming, Bryson wanted blueberries, his new favorite treat. Then, before I know it, it is time for lunch. Time flies when taking care of three kids. So, lunch it was.  Then we spent a little more time together coloring. He loves to color as long as I help him! The kid is fun to hang out with! The girls take a nap in the mornings and then they, along with Bryson, take a long afternoon nap which gives me a nice break to enjoy things like blogging or my new!

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  1. The girls are growing up so fast! Being a SAHM is not easy. It's the hardest thing we will probably ever do but we know we are doing the best for our kids and we will be there to see all their firsts! It's definitley a thankless job, but it's worth it!!!