Monday, July 19, 2010


Our twins are five months old today. In some ways, the time has gone by slow, but for the most part, it has flown by. As hard as this has been, believe it or not, it does seem like yesterday when we brought them home from the hospital. The first few months were just insane, but we could not have gotten through it without putting God first in our lives. I bumped into someone at the grocery store yesterday who had twin girls and a toddler with her and I asked her about them and told her how old my girls are and she mentioned that we are just pass the hardest part and mentioned how the first four months are just crazy. Oh she was so right!  Thank you Lord that this is slowly getting easier. I am sure there are many challenges to come! We do enjoy spending every moment with them even if it is a hard job!

The girls are growing so fast. Bryant comes home from being out of town for a week and tells me how different they look and how much their hair has grown. They are both so active. Both girls can roll over and love to be on their belly's. They are noticing each other  more but notice their big brother, Bryson, more. They just love watching Bryson. Both girls are getting so vocal and can be loud, especially Avery and that is in a cute way of course! We pretty much have them on the same sleeping schedule. They both take their one hour morning nap around 9am and then their two hour afternoon nap around 1:30. They sleep when Bryson takes his nap and that gives me a nice break. Sometimes I find myself taking a well needed nap because they still wake me up at night!

Our girls are so different. Gracie is our little miss charmer and Avery is our little miss sweet pea. Avery is a little calmer than Gracie but she can be strong willed. Gracie will let you know when she gets mad or tired. When Gracie gets tired we just simply have to lay her down in her crib right then because nothing else works except for holding her! As far as we can tell, Avery is a little more patient. When Avery cries, she has big real tears! It breaks mommy's heart!

As far as looks, Avery is still a little bigger than Gracie and she has dimples when she smiles which we just adore! Gracie's hair is so fuzzy and sticks straight up and Avery's hair is very straight and slick.

Avery is doing much better with her PT for her Torticollis, thanks to mommy who has been working so hard with her!

Both are so adorable and we just can't get enough of them! Before we know it, they will be crawling!

As you can tell in these pictures, Gracie is our little droller!

Gracie's morning nap

Avery's morning nap

A Glance Back...
Just thought I would share this. I look back at when I got pregnant and we were going to the doctor's office expecting to see our (one) baby's heartbeat on the ultrasound...and to our surprise, ohhhhhh there were two! I think my jaw just about hit the floor. We were mind blown for days. I was a frantic mess. My pregnancy was so emotional and I was so scared. It was nothing like my first pregnancy with Bryson. Now, the reality has soaked in and it is just a wonderful  blessing to have these two healthy twin girls. They brighten our day and God has blessed us with our Gracie Jo and Avery Anne for a reason...and that reason is to live for HIM. We could not get by without putting God first. Thank you Lord! We are looking so forward to the days to come and seeing our girls, and boys grow up into great kids and then great teenagers living for God and serving Him. Life is good!


  1. The girls are so beautiful and they are growing so fast! They will be a year old before you know it! xoxo

  2. Soooo beautiful.. Came over from Cafe Mom... the munchkins are sooo cute.. kinda miss my critters that little.. (= .. (following ya now too)