Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sleep Deprivation...

Something I have been wanting to share that tickles me. The twins are now in separate cribs. We always put them in their own crib at night. We were at the bank talking to a customer service rep. about the kids and twins and sleep deprivation. Bryant goes on to tell her that one night he had picked up Avery up out of the crib that Gracie sleeps in and the whole time he was holding her he thought she was Gracie. Then, he finally realized it was Avery! Well, he never told me this until I heard it during this conversation. So, I was like, wow...I did not realize in the middle of the night that I was so totally sleep deprived that I put them in the wrong crib! Bryant thought I meant to do it the whole time so we just all got a good laugh out of it. We, especially me, have done so many crazy things due to sleep deprivation. I mean, things out of the ordinary! I could go on with a list but I will save that one for another posting!


  1. Sleep deprivation makes you do some crazy things! There are some days I probably couldn't tell you my name! Haha. :)

  2. Hehe that's too funny!!

    Your girls are gorgeous! Are they known as identical or fraternal? I can see that difference but I wasn't sure if it's cause they are fraternal or because I've learned to look for the differences in twins! ;)

    Your son is a totally cutie!

  3. hehehehe.. remember those days.. lol.. OH WAIT!! I STILL have them.. lol.. Get those naps in when you can.. and I KNOW I KNOW.. it's NOT easy.. heck I should be taking one right NOW.. lol