Sunday, December 19, 2010

Just Realized...

Today is the 19th. Wow, our twins are 10 months old today. They are so close to being one! Oh boy, life really is just beginning! 

The girls are so active. What I mean by active, is getting their hands into anything they can find! Somehow, we have made it through the week before Christmas and the presents under the tree are still wrapped! We did have to replace a couple of bows.

Avery is going through another teething spell. She has two upper toothies that have popped through but have not come all the way through yet. Poor thing, teething is rough on her. Gracie has been fighting another cold. And, I have been fighting the same yucky upper respiratory stuff I had right before Thanksgiving. We are all so ready to feel better, especially before Christmas. 

Avery wants to walk so bad. Bless her heart, she will stand up and then fall into a split. Seriously, I know the girl can stand up and balance if she would not gracefully fall into a split! Gracie has this little nervous streak in her when she is standing up holding onto something. She tries to get down and looks back at us like, "am I going to make it?"! The twins have had more falls since learning how to pull up on things. I think the thing that has scared me the most is the other night when I had them in the tub. I got Gracie out and dressed first and as I was getting Avery out and dressed, Gracie was standing up by the tub side (this is an old cast iron/porcelain tub) and she was leaning over to grab something and fell in head first! Thankfully, the water was drained. It still hurt her little head! Then, as I was pulling her out, her head hit the faucet. Terrible trying mommy!

Bryson loves his sisters. He still has his hitting moments. He also has his hugging moments. They follow him everywhere and it really drives me crazy. I will feel more comfortable about it once I know Bryson has learned how to share and not hit!

The girls are starting to feel more comfortable around Stone. They look up to him and Bryson does too. So good to have such an older brother for protection and a great role model for them. 

Along with the many challenges of having twins, we thank God for our precious little girls everyday!

Santa Baby A

Santa Baby B

Wanting to jump in the tub with Bubba!

Priceless! They like each others' coats!

Daddy love

Mommy and daddy love!


And playing!!!

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