Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Little Crawlers

Now that Gracie and Avery are crawling, they are all over the place. Especially Gracie. She is fast! Most of the time I find them in Bryson's room. Bryson loves their attention. They love Bryson's trains. Bryson does not like sharing his trains. Looks like he will have to start learning how to share very soon!

Gracie makes the funniest noise as she is crawling down the hall. It sounds almost like a duck. So, Bryson thinks she is making a duck sound, "quack, quack" he repeats as he is leading her down the hall, "come on Gracie Jo, quack, quack"! 

Avery is pulling up on everything and bumping her head constantly. She has a strong set of legs and wants to be standing up all the time. 

Here's a few pictures over the past few days...

One of my favorites!

Their favorite spot, the door! It stays locked!

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