Sunday, November 7, 2010

Testing my Faith

This past week has been pretty rough. Being a mom of a three year old and eight month old twin girls is the hardest job I have ever imagined it being. My days are filled with total chaos. I get up, feed bottles, change diapers, feed Bryson breakfast, get Bryson ready for preschool. By that time, I look at the clock to find out I only have 15 more minutes left to pack his lunch, brush his teeth, get the girls into their car seats, load all the kids into the car and, finally, off to take Bryson to preschool. I unload the kids, not to mention the heavy double stroller, take Bryson into his classroom just hoping he will be a good boy with no timeouts. I come back home, feed the girls and put them down for a short morning nap, which gives me a little time to myself. I wake the girls up, change diapers, play with them for a while, then feed them lunch, then my lunch, load the girls back into the car and head to pick Bryson up from preschool, unload the girls once again, pick Bryson up from class hoping he was a good boy and no timeouts (Lord, I can't wait until that day comes), load the kids back up into the car and back to the house. The kids get to play a little and then lay down for, what I hope, a long nap. I get some of Bryant's administrative work done, catch up on the laundry and dishes, and then I have a little time to myself. By late afternoon when the kids wake up from naps, I like to try to have the house in order before Bryant gets home and I really like to have dinner cooked for him. It is almost impossible, but I make it happen. He deserves it. I have been feeling so rushed and my patience has been growing thin.  My anxiety has been overwhelming me. I just want to be a good mom and a good wife. I have a lot on my plate. 

I have been spending more time with God and praying that He will help me keep my patience, guide me through my days, be by my side and have made a commitment that I will never give up on Him. He has challenged me this past week by testing my faith. By staying close to Him and not giving up, He got me through it. Thank you God.

I love my husband, I love my children, I love my family, I love my friends, but most of all I love our GOD!


  1. You are a GREAT mom and wife!! Loving and caring for your children and husband is the most important job a person can have. Your faith in God and your own strength will continue to get you through overwhelming times like this past week. We are very proud of you.
    John and Susan

  2. I think you are amazing. I don't even know how you manage to do half the things you do. I know your children and Bryant are VERY LUCKY to have you working so hard for them. We love you and are glad you are family.

  3. Hey love, its me. Everyday I leave this house I want you to know that I take great comfort knowing that our children have you as their mom. You continuously amaze me at how you are able to make it through each day taking time in between the diapers , feeding running to and fro to give them the love they need and crave from their mommy. You are an awesome mom and I thank God for you each day. Thanks for the dinners, happy babies, and that cute lil' smile of yours. Love you!!