Thursday, October 28, 2010

Girls' Date

Had a fabulous time with some of my girlfriends Tuesday night at the Pit in downtown Raleigh. Great catching up and such a blessing to have these nights out once in a while. It want be long before we are due for another one. Maybe we can do a play date/dinner at my house next time so we can catch up even more! What do you girls think?!

Becky and Avery. Congratulations Becky on your upcoming new addition to your family! May God bless your family and your pregnancy and that sweet baby boy's arrival!

Alisa and Gracie Jo.

Avery Anne and Mommy.

All of us: Me with Avery, Alisa with Gracie, Becky, Lisa with Hadley (Alisa's sweet girl)

Had a good time with my beautiful friends! Now I am ready for a date night with my husband. Any willing babysitters?!

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  1. Always willing, sometimes able!