Thursday, October 7, 2010

On a new Journey...

We are attending a new church now out in Raleigh called Journey. We have been several times, but missed two weekends in a row due to the kids being pretty sick. Thankfully, with the kids feeling 100% better, we made it there last weekend. What a great sermon. After that sermon, we decided to become members of Journey. Since Pastor Jimmy's sermon, I have had so many thoughts going through my head!

We took some good notes during the sermon:
  • Being radical is being obedient and saying yes to Jesus.
  • Jesus didn't say easy things to keep people; He said hard things to drive those who were offended away.
  • Being radical is being obedient and saying yes to Jesus.
  • Followers serve others.
  • If Jesus came to you and asked you to get rid of your excess, would you?
  • Greed tells us what we possess. 
  • God has blessed us so we can give more.
  • What the church does is not a personal service as a follower. 
We are so excited to be on this new Journey!

Sharing some pictures of our little blessings...

Gracie checking Avery's hat out!

Avery making her little smacking cute!

Gracie getting tired of the camera. Avery loves it!

OK Gracie, I will stop taking pictures...but a few more of the family first!...

Gracie can't stop checking big brother out.

Finally a decent one!

Sister love!


  1. I definitely need one of those hats! They are stylin'.


  2. Avery and Gracie are the sweetest, happiest little girl angels ever!!!!
    And, all the guys are full of smiles and giggles. Love this big happy family.
    Great job with the camera Mom!!