Sunday, October 24, 2010

Weekend just Hangin' Around...

We did absolutely nothing this weekend. The girls are still pretty sick with little red runny noses and I have been totally exhausted. Luckily, I got a nap in today. The sleep deprivation seems to sneak up on me at times. Unfortunately, we missed church today. We don't like taking our sick kids going to church and spreading germs, so we can watch the sermon on the computer. Needless to say, it has been a long tiring weekend. The girls have been pretty fussy due to their colds and runny noses. Their little red noses are so cute, only mommy can love those little red noses, daddy too of course!

Gracie normally finishes her bottle before she conks out!

Avery has had it bad. It started with a high temp of 102 and then turned into a cold.

Bryson deciding what he wants from Santa (Thomas stuff of course!)

....decisions, decisions

Stone on his computer

Gracie is getting pretty good at holding her bottle, even with one hand!

Daddy's work trailer can be used for fun!
Bryson and mommy
Just us
Gracie and mommy
Gracie and Papa John
Little runny nose
Avery and mommy

On a positive note...Avery is crawling! And, Gracie is not too far behind. So exciting! Avery is getting faster by the minute!

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