Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Happy Eight Months Sweet Girls

Our girls turned eight months old today. We enjoy watching them grow and learning about their different personalities. They have changed so much in just one month. So amazing. Avery is a mommy's girl and mommy loves it! Avery loves to cuddle. Gracie is such a hoot! She is so full of herself! Gracie is pretty loud when she gets to talking and makes herself pretty well known in stores and out in public. Our little character wants to be heard (and I think she likes hearing herself as well)!  Both twins are saying mama; Avery says it more. I think she knows who mama is! They are both taking baths together now and loving it. Both girls are interacting with each other. They have so many toys, but always want what the other one has. We love listening to them giggle and laugh at each other in the mornings. They also can see each other in their cribs above the bumper. Sometimes, when I put them down for nap time, they giggle and laugh. I just let them have fun until they fall asleep! Happy eight months old precious girls!

The girls are not crawling yet, but both are trying! Both are getting up on all fours and rocking back and forth as well as moving backwards. The bet is on...who do you think will be the first crawler?!


  1. Wow they are getting so big! Precious Pictures! love that... i need to get me those bathtub seats cause they are too big to lay in the baby ones haha...

  2. They are growing up so fast and they are so beautiful! Hugs and kisses!!

  3. What beautiful birthday girls....they are amazing! Love them so much..xoxo

  4. I love every moment I get with them and big brother!