Thursday, January 20, 2011

Just one more Month

Hard to believe our girls will be a year old in a month! They are growing too fast.  Our little Avery Anne is a little over 18 lbs and our little Gracie Jo is almost 18 lbs. Gracie is slowly catching up! The girls definitely look completely different, which we love because it expresses the difference in their personalities. Oh, how they are so very different!!  Avery is more clingy and totally a mommy's girl. Gracie is more independent and loves her Daddy!  She also has this thing about studying her hands! Gracie is more vocal and loves to show off.  Both the girls love the mirror, especially Avery. They both look up to both their big brothers. Bryson, mostly because he is around more. Even though they are twins, they do stick together and they also stick together with Bryson. Avery is very close to taking her first steps. Sometimes, they go in opposite directions, and let me mention that I am glad our house is not big. I am always looking for one of them!

Here is a cute video for now. The sound is a little off, but still cute...


  1. omg that video was sooo cute! wehre did you get those bath seats! i need some of those! and they reminded me of the boys sooo cute

  2. I think my mom looked around for them and finally found them at Walmart. They work out great because I can keep one in the tub and take one out not worry about the other falling in the tub.