Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy Friday the 13th!!

I did not realize today is Friday the 13th until a friend pointed it out on Facebook! I have always liked Friday the 13th! Must be a teenage memory thing.

Well, today has been a good Friday the 13th! I took the kids to the park this morning. We ended up going to White Deer Park...Bryson's favorite park because Daddy built it!! I got some good pictures and let me say, it is very hard to keep up with a three year old and twin babies at a huge park. I lost eye of Bryson a couple times, must be a Friday the 13th thing, but then I found him running around. Somehow, I managed!

GG and Great G-Pa came over for a surprise visit once we got home. Bryson loves seeing his Great Papa! They got plenty of sugar from the girls. Then, the kids took a nap. Avery woke up first and so I took her to Bryson's room to wake Bryson up. Bryson looked up at Avery and said, "I want to hold the baby". Of course, I let him hold her in his bed. Such a sweet moment. And then, the moment got even sweeter when I went and got Gracie and they all three cuddled up in his bed. These are the moments I will cherish...

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