Monday, August 16, 2010

Our Morning Out

Despite the fact that Avery has been teething and both her and Gracie have had some congestion, we still got out of the house this morning. We got up and out early so we could beat the heat. Oh, how we are so ready for Fall! So, we went to the park...Bryson's favorite! I feel like a better mommy when I can get Bryson out of the house and do something with him that he likes. Mostly, it is taking him to the park. Sometimes we go to the pool, to the library, or just simply take a walk outside and play some in the backyard. People see me with Bryson and the twins at the park and tell me I am brave. Well, what do you expect? I can't keep a three year old boy cooped up in the house all day with two babies! Plus, he loves it and I love to see him smile and have fun...

Avery giving me a cute smile

Gracie being Gracie

We decided to take a stroll and pictures around the trail...

And then, we played on the other playground for a little while...

My favorite part of our morning was Bryson telling me, "I love you mommy!" in the speaking tube. Of course, I told him to tell me that, but it still counts! :o)


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  1. You are such an amazing mommy! They are so lucky to have you! Miss you guys bunches!