Sunday, August 15, 2010


This has been an overwhelming day. Avery has been extremely fussy today. We skipped church this morning and watched the service on the Live Feed. Thank you God for the Live Feed! Avery has been fussy for the past three days and, today, it has gotten worse. So, we are not sure what it is. Whether she is teething, or whether she has another ear infection. She is tugging and rubbing at her ears. She has been gnawing on her hands. She rubs her cheeks all the way to her ear and then starts tugging at her ear. It is both ears this time. She just finished her last dosage of her antibiotic the other day. She is still congested, but has a dry cough. I would think the antibiotic would have cleared everything up. All these symptoms are symptoms of teething as well as symptoms of an ear infection. So hard to tell! I guess we will see what tonight and tomorrow brings. We may have another Dr.'s appointment tomorrow. If it is her teeth, wow...I did not know teething hurts that bad! I guess some babies take it harder than others.


  1. Man its been a while since i have to deal with ear infections. Ya'll are in my prayers. I am also totally in love with church live feeds.

  2. Teething is extremely painful for some babies. It didn't bother Hadley too bad, but I know it does both a lot of babies. Praying for Avery!