Thursday, August 19, 2010

Happy Six Months Today!

Gracie and Avery are six months old today! Wow, it won't be long before they are one! Life is getting a little easier now that they are six months old. Both the girls are teething, not cutting teeth-just teething, and with Avery, it has been CRAZY. She is taking it very hard. We have to give her Tylenol. Gracie is just chewing on things and can get a little fussy at times. The girls are now able to play in their exersaucer and they love it. They can roll over all over the place. Gracie is getting to where she might be crawling very soon! Avery has a strong set of legs and she can kick like a mule! She can also stand up pretty well on her legs. Unfortunately, the girls are still waking up at night! I try not to take it for granted and to enjoy the moments I can hold them and burp them after their bottles in the peaceful night before laying them back down. They are both eating solids now. We have tried sweet peas, green beans and carrots. The carrots and sweet peas are their favorite so far. I thought once we started them on solids that they would be sleeping through the night. Not the case with our girls! Any suggestions twin mommies out there?? I can always use some good advice!

We have not been back to see Avery's PT for her therapy since she has been on vacation. We need to get her back in and once things calm down a little with teething and runny noses we will get her back. For now, I am doing the best I can at doing her stretches and I think that is just fine. She is getting better at them. Avery is such a sweet baby. Her smile just melts us, especially with her cute little dimples!

Gracie is just Gracie. That all I can say! She is just our "little Gracie"! We love her so much! She is still so much lighter than Avery! Her hair sticks straight up no matter how hard I try to comb in down after a bath. It is so fuzzy and we love it! It brings out her personality. She loves to laugh and is very ticklish.

Happy six months old Gracie and Avery. We love you dearly. You girls are a blessing times two!!

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