Friday, August 6, 2010

Monkey Joe's!!

What a cool place Monkey Joe's is! We did not even have stuff like that when we were little!  Wendy, Bryson's in home daycare sitter while I was working, invited us to go with them to Monkey Joe's this morning. Thankfully, Grandma came over and watched the girls. Bryson had a blast! All the kids had a blast! There was so much to do and kids running everywhere! It is like kiddie dreamland!

Let the fun begin!
Bryson and Jenna climbing their way up!
Bryson, Jessica and Madison
We just got here! Already tired??!!
Jessica chillin' waiting for the kiddos to slide down!
Jenna and Bryson on their way up!
The whole crew headed up!
Jump Jump!
Jessica, Bryson, Ashley and Will made it down again!
Bryson after stuffing the WHOLE cupcake in his mouth!
Ashley's birthday seat...Ashley being a Monkey at Monkey Joe's!

What fun it was!!
Being a monkey in the monkey birthday chair!

....I missed my girls the whole time and was glad to get home!!

Avery still feeling bad with her ear infection. Can't wait until it is all cleared up!
Our little Gracie Jo!!
our little Avery Anne!!!
Just a cute one of daddy, Bryson and Gracie!

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  1. wow.. looks like they had a blast... we had something like that when we lives in VA called Kangaroo jacks.. The girls were invited to a Bday party there a few month a ago, and I almost had a heart attack.. hahahaha They got into one of those bouncy things and disappeared.. and I couldn't go in after them.. it FREAKED me out.. hahahaha Next time I'll bring back up.. as in an older niece or nephew.. lol..